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    Rockingham Precast specializes in Concrete Precast and Prestress projects for VDOT and commercial construction projects.

    We also manufacture a wide range of agricultural products and septic tanks.

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  • Agricultural Precast Components

    Rockingham Precast is proudly based in an area of Virginia with a rich history in agriculture, the Shenandoah Valley. We are proud of our farming heritage and have historically placed an emphasis on providing quality products to the agricultural industry.

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  • Prestressed Concrete

    Prestressed concrete products feature the quality, value and permanence of a material appropriate for use in many structures. The ease of modular component installation, with quick and simple connections, is a major advantage over other materials.

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  • Precast Concrete Components

    Precast concrete products exhibit the high quality, value and permanence that make them such an attractive material for use in many structures. Precast concrete strength gradually increases over the long life expectancy of the products.

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  • Concrete Septic Tanks

    Concrete Septic Tanks are made in accordance with all industry standards. These rugged tanks operate where sewer lines are not in place, providing an environmentally sound method of waste disposal.

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  • T-Lok™

    T-Lok™ Barriers, with their patented locking ends, are on construction sites throughout the mid-Atlantic. In addition, they are being used as security barriers at the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C..

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  • Retaining Walls

    We manufacture MSE Retaining Wall Panels for work on VDOT projects throughout the Commonwealth. MSE panels have the look and scale of natural stone, but boast the speed of construction and economics of precast concrete.

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